Social Media Strategy Bootcamp 

How to create a Social Media Strategy that works!

Are you ready to transform your approach to Social Media taking it from a time and energy sucking chore to a feel good, I’m nailing this joy?

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Social Media isn't going anywhere...  

In fact, it's predicted to reach 5.85 Billion users by 2027.

but it is the #1 marketing frustration that I hear about from clients, peers, friends…. All of the people!

Social media has become both a curse and a blessing for business owners.  It is now dominating our lives and if we don’t take the time to truly understand how we can make it work for our business, it may just leave you behind your competition where you’ll be missing out on new customers, more sales and ultimately more prosperity. 

#1 Marketing Frustration...

Is this you?

  • You’re struggling to find the time you believe it takes to be successful on social media
  • You’re scratching your head trying to come up with content ideas every week, every month 
  • You’re wondering if you’re even using the right platforms
  • You’re not sure how to determine an ROI to see if it’s even worth doing
  • You’re overwhelmed with the sheer management from content creation to scheduling and posting


Here's some great news:

I'm here to help!

Let me take the overwhelm and uncertainty away. 

Instead, imagine how it would feel to…

Know that you’ve created a Social Media Strategy works... One that you truly understand, that is based on strategy and not hope (I hear that sigh of relief…)

You’re crystal clear on your content approach, knowing exactly what your content will be… in advance. No more ‘better post something cause I haven’t posted in a while’ posts!

Be at ease knowing that you’re managing and scheduling your content in advance on a FREE scheduling tool for Facebook & Instagram

And, know exactly what your goals are and how you’re going to measure your success

"Everything you presented, I got so much value out of and I’ll definitely put into place going forward… Thank you so so much."

Max | Owner, Downunder Dog Trainer

Social Media Strategy Bootcamp

How to create a Social Media Strategy that works!

A succinct and practical 5 Module Bootcamp where you’ll learn how to create a social media approach tailored to your business.  Built on the foundation of strategic pillars so you'll walk away crystal clear and confident on how you are going to achieve Social Media success.

Step by Step Videos

Each module is presented to you in a video tutorial format so you can easily digest, understand and implement your learnings.  Plus, you can come back and watch at anytime ensuring that you keep on track and on strategy!

Clear Social Media Goals

My 5 step Social Media Strategy framework takes out all of the guess work.  Walk away clear on what your social media goals are, get clarity on the platform(s) you should be present on and how you will measure your success.

1 Page Strategy Template

Keep it simple and focused with my uncomplicated one page Strategy template.  A clear & concise strategic approach to keep you focused. You can also share with your team and/or third parties you engage. #strategyfirst

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Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need for Social Media Success

Module 1

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Learn the fundamentals so that you have a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing.  

  •  The benefits of Social Media Marketing 
  •  The state of Social Media globally
  •  Overview of users by platform and how best to use each platform... and more!

Module 2

5 Steps to Social Media  Success

In this module, we dive into the real nuts & bolts on how you build out your social media strategy.  We'll cover the 5 critical steps that make up create a strategy that works. I explain what they are, why they're important and also provide examples. 

Plus you get access to my simple 1 page Strategy Template.

Module 3

Social Media Policy & Guidelines

This is a short but important lesson on why you should consider writing and implementing a Social Media Policy and Guidelines.

I take you through the benefits of having Social Media Guidelines and I also address 6 questions that you can include in your guidelines that will assist employees and/or contractors to be comfortable and confident representing the business on Social Media while adhering to your brand positioning.

Module 4

How to maximise your impact on Social Media

With a focus on the Meta Suite (Facebook & Instagram), I share with you how you can drive the biggest impact on your social media accounts. I provide an overview of the tools available to you today, and I share tips on where to find the latest trends and additional resources, including new features and tools, so that you can always be current, maximising your impact.

Module 5

How to schedule your content for FREE! 

In this module, I show you how to use Meta's Creator Studio to schedule your content for Facebook & Instagram. It is a great and simple tool to use that not only enables you to post and schedule all your content, you can also review your insights to measure your success.

Plus you'll get these great


Bonus #1

Social Media Inspiration

Learn where to go to search for current social media ads. A great way to see what your competitors are doing and for creative inspiration.

Bonus #2

How to create Video Content

See just how easy it is to create video content using Canva. Use your own, use Canva's or import video from another source.

Bonus #3

Download Content

Learn how you can uses a free tool to download instagram content to share on your profile (with their permission of course!)

Bonus #4

Set Up Linktree for success

Find out how you can use the free version of Linktree to drive more Instagram traffic to your website to ultimately grow leads & sales.

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Who will be teaching you...

Me, I'm Kim Skilton


From 15+ years in the corporate world to starting my own business where I had to get back to marketing basics, I have done it all.  

Moving from multi-million dollar budgets to micro budgets, I have learnt what it takes to build a business from the ground up.

Riding the wave of social media since its infancy, learning first hand what it takes to build a brand, I have created a robust and proven framework to build a Social Media Strategy that works.

Time and time again, I have seen that there is no success… or at least it will take you much longer to experience it, if you don’t have a strategy! #strategyfirst 

And now, I can show you too!

This bootcamp is perfect for you if you're ready to stop the guess work and instead implement a clear approach.   

All this made super easy with my 5 module Social Media Strategy Bootcamp.  Just show up and I’ll walk you through the 5 steps.

Are you ready to actually love Social Media?

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Social Media Strategy Bootcamp

How to create a Social Media Strategy that works!

Step by Step Videos

Clear Social Media Goals

1 Page Strategy Template

It's time for Social Media Success!
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