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Hoppy Copy Test Drive

Let me introduce you to the AI Powered Email Marketing tool - Hoppy Copy

We are embracing the power of AI for marketing here at What Matters Marketing, and this week we've been test driving Hoppy Copy It is an AI copywriting tool specialising in creating copy for emails, drip campaigns, and more.

We have only really just scratched the surface of it's capability however I can tell you that it will save you countless hours, so buckle up and let us share with you how you can utilise Hoppy Copy to elevate your email marketing ... and save precious time ⌚️

What is Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy is a simple to use generative AI tool that you can use to generate powerful copy for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more—in seconds.  It can also help you with social media captions and repurposing content such as turning blog content into email campaigns, email campaigns to social media captions, social media captions to SMS campaigns... 

Watch Hoppy Copy Tutorial Video

In this short tutorial, I step you through just how quick and easy it is to create quality email marketing campaigns using Hoppy Copy: 

Key features of Hoppy Copy AI powered email marketing tool

At minimum, you can use Hoppy Copy to write your email marketing copy by simply completing their prompting tool. The prompting tool only requires you to complete the following questions:


From here, Hoppy Copy will provide you with key content areas and if you're happy with the suggestions, it will write out full paragraphs for you.  And if you're not happy with the suggestions, you can hit the button to generate more ideas.

3 Great Reasons To Use Hoppy Copy

💡 Spark creativity with unique campaign ideas. Don't chase inspiration. Use Hoppy Copy to generate unique email campaign ideas to ignite your creativity. 

👌 Simplify writing with proven email templates. Whether it's a holiday campaign or a drip sequence, use the proven templates to create compelling copy that drives impressive results for any email type.

⏳ Streamline A/B tests with quick rewrites.  If you're ready to level up your email game and use A/B testing, the Hoppy Copy with streamline this for you with quick rewrites. Say goodbye to tedious rewording. Easily tailor existing emails for A/B tests, different brand tones, and personas.

➕ You can use it to help you with more than just emails! It can assist you with all of your marketing content needs.

Ready to take it for a test drive? Access your FREE 7 Day Trial here with no credit card required! 


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