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au Domain Names

Launching in Australia on 24 March 2022, .au will be available as a new option for internet users.  It will complement the existing suite of Australian namespaces (eg,, and

An example of .au is instead of or 

What are the benefits of a .au namespace?

  • Deliver a wider choice of available names in the Australian domain 
  • Allow users to register shorter, more memorable online names 
  • Provide names that are easier to type and display on mobile devices
  • Protect your brand and importantly stop other people, including competitors, purchasing it
  • You can redirect your current domain to this new .au option or vice versa

The introduction of .au will bring Australia in line with many other countries Top Level Domains such as United Kingdom (.uk), Canada (.ca) and the USA (.us).

au Domain Registration

Am I eligible for the .au namespace?

Anyone with a local connection to Australia (including businesses, associations and individuals) is eligible to register a .au direct name through an auDA accredited registrar.

You have 6 months to claim your .au domain. 

Where can I get my .au namespace?

.au will be available from participating auDA accredited registrars such as Go Daddy, Crazy Domains and many more.  You can check accredited registrars here

Next Steps:

Step 1: If you are eligible to secure the .au for your domain, then make sure you purchase it within your 6 month window

Step 2: You can redirect your current domain to the new .au version OR keep your current domain as is.

If you wish to move to the new .au namespace,  be sure to set up 301 redirects and be ready for some impact on SEO (could be 2 months of ranking impacts)

For more details on the how to get your .au, visit .au Domain Administration (auDA) here 


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